Building an energy-efficient house today will save you thousands of euro over the course of
your home-owning life.

And, with WarmBuild’s NUDURA I.C.F., investing in a high quality energy-efficient home doesn’t have to be expensive.  In fact, the cost of building a WarmBuild house compares well to traditional methods.  Yet the long term savings are substantial.

Why not contact us to see a NUDURA I.C.F. home in your area?

Value for Money

  • Make big savings on your heating bills every year
  • Save thousands of €€€€ over the course of your mortgage
  • Overall, the cost of a WarmBuild home compares well to traditional methods
  • Cost-effective method for building complex design features such as: basements, large window openings & curved walls

Durable & Safe

  • Concrete core offers excellent durability and strength
  • Resilient to Irish weather, incl: driving rain, wind and hard frost
  • In-built fire resistance
  • Reduced risk of condensation, mould growth & mildew, for excellent air quality
  • Structure will not warp or rot


  • Better heat retention means less CO2 emissions (reduce your carbon footprint)
  • Reduced demand for fossil fuels
  • Can achieve a build to Passive House Standard

Quality Builders

  • All our NUDURA I.C.F. installers are fully trained and certified
  • Consistently high quality workmanship is assured – Read more… click through to Training