More and more Architects and Engineers in Ireland are embracing the benefits of I.C.F.  And, as the industry leader, WarmBuild’s NUDURA system is the obvious first choice.  It’s sustainable.  It’s durable. It offers excellent design flexibility.  And its inherent energy-efficiency exceeds regulatory requirements, making planning permission easier to obtain.

Plus, we can provide all the relevant certification, drawings and technical support you need.


  • Using our sustainable system makes planning permission easier to obtain
  • We can provide all information & documentation to prove sustainability
  • We can provide wall build-ups to Passive House U-values of 0.11
  • WarmBuild’s NUDURA I.C.F. delivers a major reduction in CO2 emissions

Energy Efficiency

  • Unbeatable energy-efficiency
  • Excellent U-values (between 0.21 to 0.11, depending on specific product used)

Air Tightness

  • Outstanding air-tightness
  • Significant reduction in thermal bridging (thermal bridging all but eradicated)
  • Excellent thermal performance to Passive House Standard

Design Flexibility

  • Passive House U-values are achievable
  • Ideal for large openings, spans, radius walls, retaining walls and basements
  • Large specification library available for your reference

Durable & Safe

  • Concrete core offers excellent durability and strength
  • Resilient to Irish weather, incl: driving rain, wind and hard frost
  • In-built fire resistance
  • Reduced risk of condensation, mould growth & mildew, for excellent air quality
  • Structure will not warp or rot

Training & Technical Support

  • All WarmBuild NUDURA builders are Certified Installers – Read more… Training
  • Full technical support is available, from design stage through to finishes


  • European Technical Approval through the BBA